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BP Oil Claim Money

Nick Lanese explains the BP Oil Claim Process

Local Businesses Are Getting This Money

Lanese and Associates handles the entire claim process and works with you to make the process extremely easy. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the compensation you may be eligible to receive.

Lanese and Associates do all the work for you and make the claim process as simple as possible by:

  1. Determining if you’re a candidate to receive compensation
  2. Advising you of your options, every step of the way
  3. Assisting you in the claim filing with no out-of-pocket cost
  4. Getting a check from BP for compensation because of poor business performance due to the BP Oil Spills

Is A Check Waiting For Your Business?

BP Oil Spill Claim If your business revenue is depicted in the chart to the right, you may be eligible to receive compensation from BP. This revenue dip may express poor business performance indirectly caused by the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. The purpose of the claim process is to find those businesses and individuals affected and get reparation for the loss.

The opportunity awaits you, read the letter by Nick Lanese, entitled, “Is A Check Waiting For Your Business?” . This letter describes the businesses eligible to make a claim and a simple form to start the first step of determining if you are a viable candidate.

Lanese + Associates will perform a free analysis of the revenue information you supply by using the completed simple form contained within Nick’s letter that you submit to us. We will be glad to answer any of your questions regarding the BP Oil Claims. Call us Tampa: (813) 634-9296 or Sarasota: (941) 953-4585.

Click on “Is A Check Waiting For Your Business?” to get the instructions to proceed — we will perform almost all the work to process your BP Oil Claim. Let’s get started – is there a check for you?