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Small and Medium Business, (SMB) Focus

We Know Small and Medium Business

Small Business Revenue Growth

SMB Revenue Growth, but in real life it’s not that easy

Lanese + Associates is a small business just like your business with a payroll to meet and clients to satisfy. We provide expert CPA services to help our clients’ businesses to perform better. We have an intimate knowledge of how small and medium businesses, (SMBs), operate and function. For over 26 years, we continue to be part of the professional accounting world and work with the business community across different industrial sectors.

We are involved with our clients’ businesses and understand the details of success. Years of experience qualifies us to provide valuable advice to help SMBs. We bring the latest tax knowledge to the table and many years of involvement with SMBs using our best-practices by providing excellent accounting services to help our clients: stabilize cash flow, improve profitability, reduce tax liabilities, eliminate tax surprises, control expenses, increase revenue growth and mitigate risk.

We Make Business Easier

Valuing a Business

Valuing a Business

We are in-tune and acquainted with the unique needs of SMBs in the Central Florida area. Business owners often don’t have the level of knowledge or the time to do accounting, taxes and financial planning. We perform those tasks more accurately and quicker to maximize your financial advantage.

Thus, we allow our SMB clients to pursue their core competency without hindrance.We expect our clients to leave their accounting burden with us. This allows business owners to focus more freely and effectively on their business. We explain all the new and complex tax laws and how it can benefit or impact you, so you can understand what’s needed to be done. Our purpose is to keep your business on the right course, whether you have a start-up or an established business.

Holistic Integrated Approach

Lanese + Associates’ approach to the SMB client is different. We recognize business owners have families that are affected by the financial and accounting services rendered. Our SMB services are focused on the needs of the owner and his family, as well as, the needs of the business to reduce the burden of accounting and taxes.

We specialize in SMBs that are closely-held by a single owner or “small ownership group”. This particular type of client has special needs and requires personalized services.  Our Holistic Integrated Approach is our committed service philosophy to put you, your family and your business into the proper perspective. Our services involves your total life circumstances to minimize the tax burden and realize the best financial plan and solutions. This approach yields better decisions that will affect you and your family now and going-forward.

Proactive Solutions

Accounting is about improving the numbers

Accounting is about improving the numbers

Our firm understands all types of SMBs and the day-to-day challenges they face. Lanese + Associates’ staff is experienced and equipped with the knowledge of the latest tax laws to help the SMB owner solve problems and succeed.We talk in plain English that hard-working business people can understand. Our staff and leadership team have the expertise and experience to deal with any business topic and financial problem or issue. We are continuously studying new tax laws, creating proactive solutions, best-practices and new ways to improve our clients’ financial position.

Please call us  in the Tampa Bay area: (813) 634-9296 or Sarasota area: (941) 953-4585 to setup an appointment to discuss your business and how we can help you, your family and your business with our Holistic Integrated Approach to SMBs.