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Tax Planning & Tax Preparation

IRS Forms

IRS Forms Made Simple with Lanese & Associates’ Tax Planning and Tax Preparation

Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Go Together

Whether it comes to preparing personal, corporate, partnership, estate trust or gift tax returns, Lanese + Associates has the skills and experience to make sure you are not paying more in taxes than is legally required. With tax laws changing so rapidly, you need our Tax Services that consider the latest tax laws and deploy the newest IRS information to accurately prepare your return, while being able use this knowledge to assist you with tax planning all year-round.

Our Tax Services are a combination planning, preparation and execution to efficiently handle your tax compliance and help you keep more of your money. When tax planning and preparation are proficiently performed together the resulting tax return is efficiently prepared with no surprise results.



Our Single Fixed Price Option

Lanese + Associates offers these two services of Tax Planning and Tax Preparation be performed together as a single service at an exclusive single fixed price. This pricing is based on a defined scope of effort that includes both Tax Planning and Tax Preparation. The purpose of our single fixed price option is to keep a healthy on-going client relationship without annoying hourly billing charges. It allows us at no extra charge to periodically assess your financial situations and how it might impact your tax situation, provide recommendations, keep the lines of communication open and proactively address your needs. Most of our clients like this option because the exact fee is known ahead of time with no surprises.


Tax Planning

Minimizing your tax liability begins with planning. Our Tax Planning is a strategic tax saving approach by allowing you to make better decisions about: assets, expenses and the effective use of cash and savings. We work with our clients throughout the year to identify opportunities for tax saving and make the right decisions to effectively reduce tax liability. Both individuals and business can benefit by using our Tax Planning Services to lower taxes.

Our Tax Planning Services is personalized to your unique financial circumstances and may include the following:

  • Purchasing and deploying assets
  • Accelerating asset depreciation
  • Deferring Income
  • Deferring taxes through retirement investments
  • Using investments as a source of tax exempt income
  • Fully utilizing lower tax brackets when opportunity arises


Tax Preparation

The reason many individuals and business owners don’t prepare their own Tax returns themselves, according to a study performed by the US Government’s General Accounting Office is “… because they found IRS tax forms and documents too complicated or they were confronting an unusually complicated tax situation. Thus, the taxpayers in our survey may not understand the tax laws well enough …” The other reasons cited was the lack of time and patience, filing errors, inaccuracies and overpaying their taxes. Today’s tax laws are complicated and many times confusing for the layperson. Even a simple tax return can often have confusing choices and result in overlooked deductions, credits and arithmetic errors.

Tax Planning and Tax Preparation has been Lanese + Associates’ core competency for over 26 years with responsive service and proactive solutions. Lanese + Associates continues to offer reason priced and the best quality Tax Planning and Tax Preparation in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas, since our move to Florida in 1987 from Ohio. If you’re looking for a professional and experienced accounting firm that provides personalized service call Lanese + Associates today.

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