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QB-Cloud Accounting Services

Changes to Our QB-Cloud Hosting Services

Diversicom Corporation in Tampa provides to notch  IT services

Diversicom Corporation in Tampa provides top notch IT services

We have transferred our previous QB-Cloud hosting services to Diversicom Inc. Lanese + Associates can now focus solely on our core discipline of accounting services and business consulting. By separating our CPA services from the technical QB-Cloud hosting aspects, means we can work with any QB-Cloud  provider offering the proper CPA features.

This change frees up our resources previously devoted to customer service efforts connected with QB-Cloud server operations and hosting. This change has improved our efficiencies to better serve you. We are now completely focused on your financial well being. This also gives you more options for QB-Cloud services with our signature QB-Cloud accounting services.

We highly recommend Diversicom Corporation as our preferred vendor. Divericom is a very competent IT company with extensive experience in QB-Cloud hosting. We have been working with them for more than 10 years and have an excellent business relationship to ensure our client get the best possible access services. We are confident Divericom will provide our clients with superior QB-Cloud hosting, excellent performance and exceptional customer service.

State-of-the-Art QB-Cloud Accounting Services

QB-Cloud access by anywhere and anytime

QB-Cloud access anywhere and anytime

Lanese + Associates  offer advance accounting services using financial data that resides off-site in the Cloud. The Cloud is a secure data environment with firewalls, passwords and device access restrictions, continuous backups and securely-accessible anywhere and anytime. Your financial data is safe and free from unwanted dissemination or destruction due to disasters such as hacking, fire, flood or hurricane.

With Lanese + Associates signature QB-Cloud accounting services, the key advantages are: secure on-line access of financial information (by the owner, bookkeeper, client’s staff and our team), real-time updating, quicker financial reporting, continuous analysis, immediacy of consultative advice and timely assistance with business decision making. This means we have the ability to deliver proactive solutions faster to nip problems in the bud and provide reports faster to help your business.

Our QuickBooks Expertise

Certified Pro Advisors for QuickBooks

Lanese + Associates are Certified Pro Advisors for QuickBooks

We recommend QuickBooks as the most advanced Cloud base Professional Accounting and Tax software for on-line services and the de facto standard of the industry. QB-Cloud QuickBooks is regularly upgraded with new features and capabilities. It’s expected growth trend is approximately 30% annually.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience as Certified Pro Advisors for QuickBooks, our extensive expertise covers the full range of QuickBooks’ functions and on-line capabilities. We deliver accurate and cost-effect accounting and tax services that’s twice as fast as using the old paper workflow process. Our accounting skills with QB-Cloud is as fluent and easily to us as speaking English. We are experts with the latest QuickBooks versions. Other accounting firm call us for advice and clarification. We use the QB-Cloud daily and exercise the rich CPA accounting capabilities and tools of QuickBooks, so we can achieve state-of-the-art professional business accounting practices easily and accurately.

Personalized QB-Cloud Services

We provide personalize our accounting services to meet your specific needs

Personalize accounting services for your specific needs

Lanese + Associates offers a complete range of QuickBooks services from on-premise accounting to full Cloud services. Our signature QB-Cloud accounting service is flexible and customized specifically to your needs and work-style.

Lanese + Associates can tailor accounting services to your specific needs. This may include: on-line payroll, options using your in-house QuickBooks with the Cloud to a full professional out-sourcing. Our clients can view their financial details, tax status and financial reports anytime and anywhere. In addition, our clients have the capability to input and edit their financial data anytime and anywhere.

Call us to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs and our proactive solutions.

Current Financial Data Allows Us to Serve You Better

Getting Lanese + Associates Proactive Solution cab change things

Getting Lanese + Associates Proactive Solutions can change the financial situation

Not only do we perform our well-known signature QB-Cloud accounting services and business consulting faster, Lanese + Associates’ QB-Cloud services allows our clients to increase their efficiency and productivity with bookkeeping efforts and financial data entry.

At Lanese + Associates, we diligently analyzes your current financial and historical Cloud data to regularly distill business intelligence. We can quickly gain insights and initiate proactive solutions to improve your financial situation. The real-time access to vital Cloud data allow us to help you make smart business decisions to meet your business goals. We do a lot more than just tax preparation.

Our QB-Cloud accounting services provides better financial management to improve productivity, ease the efforts to update business data, faster interaction between you and our firm to assess your financial and business health, so we can help you act to quickly improve cash flow, save more money on taxes, improve sources of revenue growth and boost your net income.

Call us in Tampa Bay area  (813) 634-9296 or in Sarasota (941)953-4585 to set up a meeting for a complimentary consultation on how our signature QB-Cloud accounting services can help you make more money.